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I have been a swim coach since 2004. I live in the Czech Republic. Triathlon brought me to swimming. When I first discovered triathlon in 1996, I fell in love with the sport. But swimming had always been a struggle and frustration. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get any better. So I began my journey by learning how to move through water efficiently and gracefully. I have practiced yoga and tai chi, the Alexander technique, Natural Movement on dry land. In water it was the Art of Swimming. But the greatest difference came with Total Immersion and for several years I had been a certified TI coach. Now I work on my own. I founded and developed the instruction and content for Totální plavání and Smart Swimming.

Smart Swimming’s Core Values

Look at this short video to see what are Smart Swimming’s Core Values. How is it for you? What is the reason you swim? What are YOUR core values? Please leave a comment below to let us know. Be well and swim well, Tomas

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How Swimming Works

Introduction It’s practice time in the pool, and I’m working hard to finish the last stroke before touching the wall. But I’m not very happy, because I’m only halfway through. However, at least for a while, I rest and with a mighty sigh, I decide to continue this suffering. “Great, 200m in 4:10. Go, ”the coach shouts at me....

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When I teach live freestyle workshops, there are basically two groups of swimmers: the first group doesn’t know freestyle at all. They know how to swim, they can swim breaststroke but they don’t swim freestyle. In the second group, swimmers know how to swim freestyle, but they struggle, they tire fast and it is exhausting for...

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Big Picture Of Swimming

In this article, I want to give you a big picture of what & how you can learn from me. I want to give you a perspective about my approach and how it is different from most swimming advice. My hope is that you will have some aha moments that will change your take on swimming. And once you...

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2 Tips On Breathing For Beginner Swimmers

Do you panic just thinking you should put your face in the water? Or are you afraid to exhale into the water at all and are you afraid that the water will get into your nose? If it is so, I have two tips for you on how to breathe calmly in the water and get...

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Why do I get so tired while swimming?

If there is a question that gets repeated very often, then it is this one: Why is swimming so exhausting? I am in pretty good shape so I should be able to reasonably swim as well. There are 5 main reasons for this. 1. We’re Heavier Than Water When we’re in the water, 95% of our bodies are...

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What fastest runner can teach us about swimming

What looks good is usually good. And cheetah on the run is just beautiful. Nature can be a great inspiration to us, and with a cheetah, the fastest runner on the planet, we can see efficiency, power and speed in practice. I took the liberty of borrowing part of a video from Greg Wilson (link to the full...

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Coordination and Integration – Why Is It Important for Your Swimming

Try to imagine how it would feel to play a soccer with arm strapped tightly to your sides. Or to ski downhill. Or try to imagine to swing at a golf ball only with your arms. All of these athletes use the whole body. Now consider the most basic forms of human locomotion: walking, running or skating....

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Easier swimming? Improve the shape of your body

We swim in water that is about 900 times denser than air. You probably know how air can slow you down on a bike, even at a relatively low speed. And of course, the higher the speed, the more the air slows us down. This is one of the reasons why developers of aircrafts, bullet trains...

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