2 Tips On Breathing For Beginner Swimmers

Do you panic just thinking you should put your face in the water? Or are you afraid to exhale into the water at all and are you afraid that the water will get into your nose?

If it is so, I have two tips for you on how to breathe calmly in the water and get all the air you need.

1. Face parallel to the surface

Inhale and immerse your head in water so that your face is parallel to the surface. If you can’t do it right away, that is ok. Take as much time as you need. Then bring your head out, let the water run down and exhale.

You will find that the water does not get into your nose or anywhere else. Gravity will take care of everything. No annoying water in the nose. Repeat several times.

2. Exhale through your nose into the water

Inhale, start exhaling through your nose and immerse your head in water. Keep exhaling through your nose all the time. Remove the head from the water before exhaling all the air. So you finish the exhalation above the surface. Again, no unpleasant water gets into your nose. Repeat this several times.

This way you can gradually learn to have your head under water, feel comfortable there and exhale into the water. This is the first step to learning to swim well.

Try it; I believe the tips will work and exhaling into the water for you will gradually be a breeze. And if you are already an experienced swimmer, send your friends to this page. Maybe they do not know how to swim or have not yet found the courage to start swimming.

Try it in practice and let us know how the 2 tips worked for you in comments below. Swim well!

Tomas Vojtechovsky
I have been a swim coach since 2004. I live in the Czech Republic. Triathlon brought me to swimming. When I first discovered triathlon in 1996, I fell in love with the sport. But swimming had always been a struggle and frustration. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get any better. So I began my journey by learning how to move through water efficiently and gracefully. I have practiced yoga and tai chi, the Alexander technique, Natural Movement on dry land. In water it was the Art of Swimming. But the greatest difference came with Total Immersion and for several years I had been a certified TI coach. Now I work on my own. I founded and developed the instruction and content for Totální plavání and Smart Swimming.

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