Transform Your Swimming, Enjoy Every Stroke & Swim Like A Fish

Great swimming does not come from hard work. I'll show you a SMART way that will allow you to swim better than you ever thought possible.

Your are at the right place, if:

You want to swim with ease, grace,... and speed.
You are tired from swimming lap after lap with no improvement.
You are new to swimming but you don't know what to start with.

Maybe you swim many years and it is always the same - struggle through to the other side. There you take a short break to resuscitate so that you can continue in your suffering.

Swim lessons with a coach make you feel even more frustrated. Now you suffer not only on your own but under expert supervision. Coach's advice might be summed up to: "Just swim. Eventually you'll get it."

I had the same experience

Traditional training resulted only in growing aversion to swimming. I was not getting better, the swimming bored me and if it had not been for triathlon I would have quit.

Only after discovering Total Immersion Swimming and Art of Swimming I started improving. Step-by-step I not only learnt to swim well but to love swimming. So much that I completed a Total Immersion coach training and started to teach others.

Now I work on my own, do swimming workshops and create online content so that people can learn on their own.

Tomáš Vojtěchovský, founder of Smart Swimming

Look at how Smart Swimming looks like:

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