Discover The Step-By-Step System For Swimming Better, Faster And Easier ...And Enjoy Every Stroke You Take

Learn how to swim with ease and flow… even if you have always struggled with freestyle!

 Are You Swimming Lap After Lap and Not Getting Any Faster or More Efficient?

I bet you've heard it many times before: "It is no problem if your form is not perfect. Just swim and eventually you'll get better."

Unfortunately, it does not work, and I guess you've already found out.

If your focus is on the heart rate, yardage and "following the black line",  there is no guarantee you will improve your swimming. You will be a better struggler but not a better swimmer.

Every time you are in the pool you ask yourself: "What's going on? Why do I have to work so hard to swim that slowly?" Just getting to the other side is a pure survival test.

Why do all those exhaustive repeats with kickboard and paddles, arduous laps and never-ending training sessions lead to no improvement? You do your best to no avail.

Swimming coaches' help is no help at all - you just suffer under supervision.

It Is Not Your Fault And You Are Not Alone!

The thing is that we swim through water and water is a completely different medium from air.

  • Water is very dense (approximately 900x denser than air)
  • Water is unstable 
  • we cannot breathe there

All of this causes discomfort, sometimes even panic.

Swim coaches teach you how to improve stroke, kick, how to get fitter. But this is only a small and not very significant part of the swimming puzzle. Until you have in place all the essential and fundamental puzzle pieces that take into consideration the difference of water, you will never swim well.

It is like building a house. First, the house has to have a solid and stable foundation. Otherwise it collapses. Only then can you build walls, windows, doors, roof, etc.


Your Swimming A Needs Solid Foundation Too!

This is why I developed The C-P-P swimming pyramid, 3-step system to master freestyle (also known as front crawl).

  • 1
    Comfort and safety in water
  • 2
    Posture of the body
  • 3
    Propulsion from the core

Here Is The C-P-P Swimming Pyramid In Detail

1. Comfort And Safety In The Water

A comfortable and trusting relationship with water is the solid foundation for developing your swimming skill.

Swimming well seems difficult because we've adapted to life on dry land, where the laws of gravity apply. It is a great challlenge to move through a fluid environment, ruled by the laws of hydrodynamics. It is like fish being out of water.

Instinctively we lift our head, kick, splash and churn to struggle to the other side of the pool. This is very exhausting.

Traditional teaching, with focus on pulling and kicking, only makes these habits stronger. This leads to exhaustion and frustration.

This is the reason why we start with learning how to feel comfortable and safe in water.

2. Posture Of The Body

Since water is appr. 900x denser than air, it is crucial to learn the body posture that creates the least resistance. Instincts tell us to keep our heads high where the air is. This causes our legs to sink down. We create more resistance and spend more energy.

Look at the photos below. I guess you know which posture is more suitable for efficient swimming.

As we master the optimal body posture, we will experience easier and faster swimming. You find your best body position by aligning your head and having your leading arm weightless until you feel the water supports you.

3. Propulsion From The Core

Have you ever been to your local swimming pool? Of course you have. You could see limbs churning, splashing, a lot of water moving around.

This is traditional instruction - swimmers have the “arms department” for pulling and the “legs department” for kicking. Trunk is just baggage we have to carry along.

Instead of your arms and legs, what if you could use your whole body for propulsion (same as fish do)? That's exactly what propulsion is all about - rolling from side to side and swimming with your whole body.

A baseball pitcher's power originates in the legs and gradually grows as it travels up to his pitching arm to catapult a ball with  monumental speed.

You can either inefficiently use your tiring arms and shoulders to do most of the work or you can learn how to engage your torso and use your arms and shoulders mainly to transmit this force to the water.

Look what it looks like when you master the Comfort-Posture-Propulsion Swimming Pyramid:

Would You Like To Swim Like This? You Can!

Anyone can swim with ease, grace and flow. No special talent, big muscles or youth required. All you need is a proven, science based system and patient practice that will transform your swimming step by step.

If you follow my instructions, you'll be able to:

  • swim with the water, not against it
  • swim confidently and comfortable in pools, lakes and even the ocean
  • swim long distances effortlessly
  • swim with efficient and fluid strokes

The Freestyle Mini-Course brings such a system

Clear, simple and succinct instructions teach you how to move through the water with ease, coordination and flow. Forget about struggle, pain and frustration.

In 6 brief videos I will show you how to master freestyle.

Video 1: Introduction

In the introductory video you will discover the whole system. It consists of simple skill drills that will guide you step by step to the wholestroke freestyle. You will learn what the critical elements are (remember  Comfort - Posture - Propulsion?) And of course I will also discuss proper Breathing.

Video 2: Comfort

In this video you will learn what is essential and what almost every swim coach ignores - Comfort in the Water. Very simple but crucial skills to build a foundation for your subsequent skills. If this is missing, swimming will always be a struggle.

Video 3: Posture

Moving effortlessly through the water is not easy as you've already realized. You will learn what works to allow you to swim with the least resistance,  keep hydrodynamic posture and float with ease. Literally you will become fishlike.

Video 4: Propulsion

Power from your core - that's what this lesson is about. You will discover how to propel yourself with coordinated and integrated whole-body movement. Similar to pitchers or golfers - they do not only use their arms but their whole body.

Video 5: Breathing

When I talk to my swimming clients, breathing is their most common issue. And nothing is more important than having enough air. That is the reason why we will focus on proper breathing during all the drills in the previous videos. In this lesson you will learn how to coordinate breathing with your body movement and to integrate breathing seamlessly with the stroke.

Video 6: Summary

I will summarize all drills and skills and show you how to put it all together. It is important to go through the Mini-Course at your own pace. Try to find your Flow Channel - the right balance between a challenge being too easy (leads to boredom) and too hard (leads to anxiety).


The Freestyle Mini-Course will help:

  • New swimmers because you will go step-by-step from one “mini-skill” to the next at your own pace and build from the simplest movements to a full stroke
  • Experienced swimmers because no matter how long you’ve been swimming, it’s likely your prior training has not focused on energy savings, drag reduction and whole-body integration
  • Fitness Swimmers because you will learn how to swim greater distance without fatigue while incorporating all main muscle group of your body
  • Older folks who want to stay active + fit because the movements taught at each step are best for your body
  • All swimmers because the improvements and enjoyment it will bring will increase your motivation to enjoy healthful swimming more often

I am Tomáš, your Instructor

Tomáš Vojtěchovský

  • Swim coach since 2004
  • Founder of Totální plavání
  • Taught more than 4,000 swimmers
  • Led 500+ swimming workshops and clinics
  • Author of several instructional videos, ebooks and more than 160 articles


I have been a swim coach since 2004. I live in the Czech Republic.

Triathlon brought me to swimming. When I first discovered triathlon in 1996, I fell in love with the sport.

But swimming had always been a struggle and frustration. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get any better.

So I began my journey by learning how to move through water efficiently and gracefully. I have practiced yoga and tai chi, the Alexander technique, Natural Movement on dry land. In water it was the Art of Swimming.

But the greatest difference came with Total Immersion and for several years I had been a certified TI coach. Now I work on my own. I founded and developed the instruction and content for Totální plavání. 

I worked with more than 4000 clients, led 500+ workshops and clinics and am the author of several instructional videos, ebooks and more than 160 articles (in the Czech language).

"Tomáš helped me to swim my first 1km freestyle. When I met him a couple of months ago, I was not able to complete one length of the pool. Gradually I build my technique to effortlessly enjoy 40 lenghts. Now I really can say: I love swimming."

- Hana Poláčková, 62 years young

Do you believe you can swim with flow, ease and coordination?

Maybe you don't. You have tried many times, spent a lot of time, money and energy and the result was just more frustration.

What if this can change? What if you can break the chain of struggle, pain and discomfort? And it does not have to cost a fortune. You don't have to hire a private coach and pay $100 per hour only to see no result. You don't have to visit group lessons with 15 other swimmers where the only advice you get is:  just keep swimming, you're doing a great job.

What if you could follow clear, brief and plain instructions, at your own pace and step-by-step transform your swimming? That's exactly what The Freestyle Mini-Course is about.

Save yourself hundreds of hours of stress and thousands of dollars, INSTEAD - transform your swimming with The Freestyle Mini-Course, starting today!

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 What You Get Today:

  • Instant Access to Freestyle Mini-Course
  • 6 Easy-To-Follow Videos
  • Step-By-Step Guide
  • Clear, Concise and Explicit Skill Drills
  • Brief, Short Videos You Can Watch Anytime You Need

Here is how others swim using my Comfort - Posture - Propulsion system:

Frequently-Asked Questions

When does the course begin? Is it flexible?

The course will begin after your purchase. It’s structured as 6 short videos, all together it is approximately 20 minutes.
My goal is to provide you with the "pure gold" - the best practices to get you to your swimming goal as easily and as fast as possible.

What happens at the end of the course, can I keep the material?

Yes. You’ll have access to the web material for as long as you need.

Is this suitable for beginners?

Yes, absolutely. We’ll be starting from the absolute fundamentals, and the course will have valuable material both for those who are totally new to swimming and for those who’ve been learning for a while.

How much time will it take?

The instructional videos are very short, appr. 20 minutes in total. However, I encourage you to review them repeatedly and practice accordingly.

How long will the training be available?

It is yours forever. Videos will be available online. In case that something changes, you will have the chance to download all the videos.

Will I be billed more than once?

No. Buying The Freestyle Mini-Course is a one-time secure payment and you’ll be an owner of the program forever.

Tomáš Vojtěchovský

Author of Freestyle Mini-Course

One last thing…

There are a lot of swimming coaches out there....but there's a major difference between how most coaches teach vs my approach:

My experience is that almost no one teaches swimming as a skill. They usually train it as a sport.

But if the skill and craft are missing, no amount of training will help to improve. I do not believe in No pain no gain mentality. In Total Immersion they say No brain no gain and that makes much more sense for me.

I know you want to swim with skill and confidence.

You want to learn all the secrets of an effortless and fluent freestyle.

You want to enjoy efficient and pleasurable swimming technique.

I can show you the easiest and fastest way to efficient and effortless stroke in 6 short videos…

… but only if you click the button and let me show you.

So… are you ready to tranform your struggling skills into beautiful freestyle?

Are you ready to become the swimmer who enjoys every stroke?

Yes? Awesome. Just click the button and we’ll get started…

Let’s do this!