5 Swimming Tips

Tip #1: Hanging Head

Comfort And Ease In The Water Starts Here

In this post I'm going to share with you the secret to an effortless and efficient freestyle practice. Let's dive into it.

Let's pretend you're trying to get better at your freestyle:

  • You come to the pool, grab a kickboard, and enthusiastically start kick intervals.
  • After a couple of lengths your legs are burning so you put the kickboard aside.
  • Next you stick a pullbuoy between your thighs and put on paddles and off you go.

Now it is not your legs that are burning but your shoulders.

Most people will try to get through the pain, but this is not the way to do it!

Most swimmers struggle and suffer ...because they haven't learned the basics.

Teaching you the basics is the reason for these emails and for the video/pdf with 5 tips.


The Basics

Tip #1: Hanging Head

Good alignment is the key to graceful and effortless swimming. You want to keep your head aligned with the spine. Look directly down and a keep your head still. These tips will help you to do it:

Relax. To have your head in a proper position, don’t push it down. Hang your head, relax neck and back muscles and let the water support your head. It is not that easy as it looks – our instincts are very strong and urge us to keep the head high where the air is. Give yourself enough time to master this step.

Stability. As soon as your head is in the correct position, you can focus on a stable trunk. If you move your head up and down, or side to side, the rest of the body will also move. This causes greater drag that will slow you down. And you'll need more energy to keep the same speed. If your head is stable, your whole body will be stable. And you'll swim easier.

Visualize. During your practice imagine an antenna from the top of your head pointing directly forward and just below the surface.

That simple trick will help you swim easier and maybe even faster.

Have you ever tried this before? Leave a comment below and share your experience!

All 5 Tips:

Tip #1: Hanging head (now reading)

Tip #2: Patient leading arm

Tip #3: Glide

Tip #4: Power from the core

Tip #5: Emphasize the exhale

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