5 Swimming Tips

Thank you again and congratulations!

Watch the video below and download 5 tips as 1-page pdf. This can be very helpful to take with you to your next swimmming session.

Tip #1: Hanging head

Have your head completely loose, "hanging" in water. You will feel lighter and it will be easier to keep your legs close to the surface.

Tip #2: Patient leading arm

Keep your leading arm in front of your body as long as the other arm is ready to enter the water.

Tip #3: Glide

In every stroke feel that you glide forward on your leading arm.

Tip #4: Power from the core

Shift weight from side to side and feel how the weight shifts propelyou forward.

Tip #5: Emphasize the exhale

Focus on exhale–slow, fluent and through your nose. With good air exchange you’ll feel better and you’ll be able to swim longer distances.

Find out more about how I teach in Smart Swimming Manifesto.

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